great quote

I came across this quote today in Sarah Deming’s piece in the New York Times: The truth is like a grease fire and we are like dogs. We can’t have it, because it’s burning. We can’t abandon it, because it’s delicious. Advertisements

If it wasn’t preregistered, it was exploratory

The challenge of interpreting the [psychological, educational, medical, biological…] literature is this: The published report doesn’t tell you of all what you need to know in order to make an informed choice about how persuaded you should be. p-values are the de facto measure of evidence, but the meaning of a particular p-value is dictated by… Continue reading If it wasn’t preregistered, it was exploratory

First post!

I’ll be blogging my thoughts about psychology’s replication crisis, the open science movement, and generally how to increase the quality and trustworthiness of psychological and educational science.